Livin’ and Lovin’ Dundee

Scumdee? No thanks – I’m all about the Fundee! or Sundee as its often known (we are the sunniest city in Scotland) and according to an article posted by the tele in March; we are one of the driest cities in the country.

I’ve always thought about dedicating my first blog post to my hometown, so here we are! Just another wanna-be blogger starting up. This post will explain a few simple reasons why I love Dundee.

1. The Silvery Tay

Dundee sits on the mouth of the river Tay, the longest river in Scotland (If you ever studied geography i’m sure this has been drilled into your brain). Its amazing, what is better than living right on a river? we even have dolphins! The first pic below I snapped on my way to work one morning, and the following two pictures are from the very talented Fraser Craig.

2. Broughty Ferry

Ahhhh my favourite part of Dundee! Just over 10 minutes from city centre to this cute little seaside village its an easy city escape. Visocchis restaurant pizza & ice cream is always a winner if you are after an Italian. One hilariously British thing that swamps the ferry atmosphere is the beach, any glimpse of sun and the beach is filled with half naked dundonians and sandcastles galore.


3. The Law

The Law Hill is an extinct volcano in the middle of the city – and a great climb anyday! Although harder than it looks (or I could just be highly unfit).

Definitely a focal point of our city, the view from the top is pretty sweet. Which creates for some excellent sunset pictures (my FAV). 18470966_10207649018698559_883388300_n

4. Regenerated Buildings

I Love when old buildings get a major make over, my current favourite is the new DC Thomson building opposite McManus galleries. It has an unbelievable panoramic view of the city from the top floor boardroom aided by huge glass windows (Pictured below). Other recent regenerations have been the fantastic new Harris Academy on the Perth road, the students probably get super distracted from Pythagoras by the amazing views of the Tay from their windows.


5. Recent Developments

I know everyone is pretty sick of hearing about the waterfront redevelopment – I think ive been solidly learning about it in high school and my degree for like 10 years now – but it still fascinates me, especially watching all the changes. I’ve loved trying to capture some of the progress on my camera over the last few months. The scaffolding has been taken off of the V&A museum and its rather magnificent if I do say so myself. I also think the train stations metal infrastructure looks so cool at the moment, I bet it is nowhere near as cool when it is completed!

6. Independent Brands

It would be hard to walk through Dundee and not see a Hayley Scanlan design on the people of Dundee – an ultimate favourite, especially since she has just opened her first (SUPER-cute) shop on the Perth Road. She has won “Scottish Young Designer of the Year” not once but twice and she has dressed Pixie Lott (my ultimate favourite human being) – so quite frankly that is me sold! H.S Fan for life. Below is just some pics of me posing in her designs.

  1. H.S Black Hi-neck stardust dress
  2. H.S Limited Edition LOVER t-shirt

7. Central Location

Finally, a major bonus for Dundee is its central location in Scotland; 20 mins from St Andrews, an hour to Edinburgh, an hour and a half to Glasgow, and 3 and a half from Newcastle – all around WINNING.

Hope you enjoyed reading,

P.S all the pictures are my own unless stated otherwise

Love LCB x


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