Festival Fashion

Truth is… I hate festivals! The massive crowds, the horrific queue for the disgusting portaloos, the mud, and the rain (UK festivals anyways). Just TOO. MANY. PEOPLE. A single day festival I can maybe deal with, I went to Big Weekend when it was in Glasgow a couple of years ago and had theeeeee best day, so not all bad.

However, I LOVE festival fashion. You can go wild and wear whatever you wish and theres no judging. GLITTER GALORE. So I thought I would create a few looks and make a festival lookbook as my next post!

Look 1: Cowgirl Chic

This jacket!!! I love this twist on a classic bomber jacket, and I am a sucker for any slogan, I teamed it with a sparkly bra and some cowgirl-esque white mesh trousers.

  1. Jacket
  2. Trousers
  3. Bralet is asos last year

Look 2: Rainbow Dancer

As soon as Pretty Little Thing brought out their festival collection this was an instant favourite and i’ve been waiting for the opportunity to purchase! So colourful and fun!

  1. Playsuit
  2. Classic black high top converse

Look 3: Glitter Queen

Simply teamed a wee asos summer dress with this amazing glitter sequined jacket from PLT (of course, swear this isn’t an ad hahaha).

  1. Jacket

Just a quick post this time filled with lots of pictures.

Hope you enjoyed,

Love LCB x

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