University of Done-Dee

WOW…What a crazy couple of days! I am so so sad that graduation is over and done with and my time at Dundee Uni is up 😦 I thought I would (Finally) create my next blog post as a wee picture blog of this last week.

Graduation Day

I loved the gown so much, felt very important in it hahaha. As i was graduating in Geography (WITH A FRICKING 2:1 MAY I ADD – seriously had to work so hard for this) I painted my nails as wee globes! I wore a simple white skater dress but it had a little bit of funk on one shoulder. And of course I paired this with thee most amazing shoes in the world!!!!!!!!! VALENTINOS – been dreaming of graduating in these shoes for as long as I can remember! Thank you again John – you are THE man!

IMG_2200IMG_2196Safe to say uni wouldn’t of been the same without these 9 amazing ladies! Together every step of the way, its going to be strange not seeing them daily. However, to top it all off we got our picture printed huge in the courier hahaha – we were buzzing!

Some classic family shots! In the evening we had a party back at ours for the family members and friends that couldn’t come throughout the day! What made the day even more special was my 3 cousins and Aunty Tracy were over from america so I got to celebrate with them aswell! I even got everyone to stay still for a big group pic: YAS!




PIXIE LOTT – I mean there isn’t much more to say or explain the night I had. BEST THING EVER. If I could of picked anyone to be the act at Dundee Uni Grad ball it would of been her. I was right at the front in the middle and it was the best half hour ever. hahaha – the rest of the night was good aswell, it was on from 6am – 6pm (crazy I know) and I lasted till 5am – solid effort I would say! I was never making it until 6am anyways.

Lastly, MY MAKE UP – so cool! I got it done by Emily at MMUA which I loved – went perfectly with the blues and silvers in my dress!

Ok thats enough rambling and pictures for now!


Love LCB x

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