Is social media running the world?

100% – after reading the August issue of Glamour Magazine  I’ve been inspired to write this blog post. (Seriously their Article  about working at Instagram HQ – DREAMS)

For people who know me you know how much I love social media & especially Instagram. Some may say I’m obsessed and slag my hashtags 😂😂😂 but it inspires so many aspects of my life.


Years ago you would mostly ‘stalk’ people and businesses on Facebook but now it’s all about Instagram. Private? – get off Instagram. LET ME SEE YOUR PICTURES. If I’m thinking about going to a restaurant, hotel or cocktail bar etc I check out its location tags on Instagram, does the food & atmos look nice and instagrammable (most importantly haha)? Oh and especially salons and hair dressers (not that I get my hair cut more than once a year), but if nobody has tagged their sparkly new nails on Instagram I’m suspicious.

In cosmopolitans August issue an article about social media stated that nearly 100% of UK business use social media for growth. How crazy is that?! Not that I’m biased but I’m 98.9% sure that social media has contributed to the success of The West House (I run the social media pages and I actually live for it – I never want to stop its so fun hahaha). People literally want to come to take pictures of their breakfast to post. The amount of times I’ve seen tweets ‘If you don’t take a picture of your West House breakfast did you even go?’ And I’ve seen multiple people posting pictures of their homemade breakfasts saying ‘West House eat your heart out’.


It’s made me realise just how important social media is to the world we live in. It’s not the be all and end all but for me personally I love creating a picture/outfit/concept to capture and share. I also don’t agree with making all your social media channels private for future employers. Don’t you want them to see that your fun and friendly and creative sides? Obviously for my future career this will be more important than for other careers. Yeah delete any embarrassing pictures wearing skirts up to your ears when you were 18, but embrace the exciting and colourful world we live in & post about it!


Just a few delayed flight thoughts 👌🏼🔆 let me know what you think.

Love from LCB x

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