My Charlotte Tilbury Experience – Covent Garden

This was literally the PERFECT next blog topic due to the fact the whole experience was PERFECT.


So usually your feeling a bit flash and think oh yes I fancy getting my make up done for my night out, so you find a local make up artist – great £35 bargain, lovely make up…and 6 hours later its washed off and you have nothing to show for it. WELL never again, thats for sure!

If you spend £35 on products in Charlotte Tilbury then you get a free make over?! We couldn’t believe it. I needed new mascara anyways so this was the perfect excuse.

A lovely girl greeted us, showed us downstairs to the most beautiful purple room full of theatre style mirrors (my fav). First up we got offered a FREE (in London?!) glass of prosecco, naturally we obliged and then we had to pick one ‘makeover look’ from the wall. I opted for the ‘Dolce Vita’ however the make up artist mixed it up a bit, cause why not?!

The make up artist took just over a full hour on me which is really impressive for in store  make up services, usually they are trying to get you out and on to the next client. She massaged my face, used that amazing wonder glow cream and spent soooo much time on my skin and making sure I was happy with it all. Heres a few snaps of the finished product (Que eyerolling from my mother and her thinking “TOO MUCH MAKE UP” hahahaha)

I would HIGHLY recommend using these in store services where the price of the make over is redeemable on any products. Amazing!



Lots of love, LCB x

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