Film School so far

Wondering what I’m actually doing in London? Well I wrote a bit about what and why I’m going to film school a month before I came so I thought I would add that in pink (naturally) and ill write my reactions in black after hahaha we will see whats changed so far…


Most people probably think this has come out of nowhere as I’ve just graduated with an honours in Geography. But to be honest – it was boring as hell. I mean yeah it was fine but most people sailed through it but I struggled big time. I wasn’t passionate about it by the end and I don’t want to do a job where I sit at a desk all day – granted not all geography graduates will be doing that, but you get the idea. So here I am about to start a Masters in Producing at the second best Film school in the UK. Here I am a month in to my course and I am loving it. The people are amazing and the teachers are fab. They are definitely throwing us in the deep end – we have already had to create a short film and show it to the entire year (HEART RACING) and now we have to develop the idea into a feature film and pitch it to big dawgs of the industry in 3 weeks. Stress. 

I’ve always loved the backstage buzz of live shows and TV programmes. Seriously when Angus, Thongs & Perfect snogging (yeah – my kinda movie) came with a “Behind the scenes” disk – I watched it on replay for days!

I’m absolutely not a movie buff and nor have I ever claimed to be one. So many people laugh when I haven’t seen a certain movie – “but your going to film school!”.

I’m not going because I’m obsessed with films, I’m going because I’m obsessed with the way films are made.

No joke you should see the list of movies I have to watch now. People compare movies allllll the time and we have lots of guest lecturers that talk about the movies they have worked on etc. 

With this in mind, I can imagine I am going to be very out of my depth. I could tell you all about the UK’s population demographics but as for how to finance and produce a movie – no clue. But I am SO excited to learn it all. Hopefully I can bring in my previous degree to my work in the future. As I studied human geography we covered ALOT of topics from criminology to media in Jamaica to health and disability; so this gives me a broad topic range in which to create ideas in the future. Yep – definitely out of my depth. Some of the people on my course have been in the industry for a while. There are 18 people studying producing (my course) and then there are another 40 odd studying cinematography, screenwriting, directing and post-production (editing etc). In the first few weeks we were all together so Ive made friends with a lot of people on different courses. 

YEAH WOO FRIENDS, I didn’t think I could make new friends (probably too sad about leaving all my friends in Dundee) It was like starting at high school all over again hahahaha but here the wee gems are ↓↓↓↓↓  LY GUYS ♥♣♦♠

Well thats my first month of Film school experience in a nutshell. I also went to see ‘The Florida Project” and “Breathe” at the BFI London Film Festival – DEFO go see them at the cinema they are both AMAZING. Definitely recommend. Anyway this was some major procrastination from my essay so back to it I go…

Love LCB x

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