Spending Habits

That feeling when you get home from a day of shopping with lots of bags or when the delivery man turns up with your online order is something special but why are we so addicted to new clothes?

My dad literally goes mental when he sees I’ve bought something new, he’s all like “Meh meh what a waste of money, have you seen the amount of clothes you own” (I’ve moved 500 miles away and he still thinks I have too many clothes at home? hahaha) BUT I just don’t see new clothes as a waste of money. They excite me so much and I love trying them on and seeing what they go with.

I was reading an article and it said spending that ties in with someones personality increases a persons happiness the most. So whilst some people might like to spend money on experiences, some may like to spend it on books or eating out. I absolutely love eating out but I don’t enjoy spending money on it, I don’t appreciate super expensive food therefore a Zizzis will satisfy me much more than a Michelin star restaurant would (Cheap date I know). Whereas clothes are what I spend my money on, if I didn’t spend money on the newest Zara range I would have a lot more money in the bank. But so what, whatever makes you happy right?!


Anyway this H&M co-ord definitely made me happy thats for sure

  1. Trousers
  2. Jacket

Love LCB x

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