Glamour Beauty Festival ’18

BEST DAY EVER – not even being dramatic.

(I made it bold and underlined to make my point, oh and pink)


What a venue, they literally transformed the entire Saatchi gallery into a girls heaven. Make up room, skincare room, hair room, nails room. You name it, they had it.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2bb7As soon as you walked in there was an instagrammable wall with cool writing all over it. The whole atmosphere was amazing, everyone was so friendly. I don’t think any of us have ever had so many comments about our outfits or make up hahaha. As soon as we got in we headed to the prosecco bar – duh. All we had to do was tag a Phillips product on instastories and we got a free glass. That’ll do nicely!

The whole thing heavily revolved or incorporated social media so naturally I was in my element.

We all got our hair done at the ‘freshen up’ bars, Iona and I got ours done by Batiste and Kirstie got hers done Schwarzkopf Got2b colour bar. My hair was already straight so I got some extra curls in it and I swear I’ve never had such good curls. They stayed in amazingly with no hair spray! Kirstie got grey put in her hair and it looked so cool – funky fresh babe.

We then got to do a feel unique ‘Pick n mix’ where you could pick 5 different products – FUN and STRESSFUL hahaha. Also you could literally go and get ready for your night out there if you wanted as there was a stand for every bit of make up – base, contouring, lips, eyebrows, eyeshadow etc. We already had our make up on though so we each opted for a different treatment, I got my eyebrows done by ‘Nude By Nature’ (Didn’t actually rate them too much, I didn’t like the shape but thats just personal preference). Iona had some poppinnnn’ red lips done by NARS and Kirstie got some fierce contour by revlon.

….BUT OMG the best part was the goodie bag. We were like children on Christmas morning opening it all in the evening. I took some pictures below of what was inside it, personal fav is the Guerlain body lotion – smells amazing and sooo large!

I will 100% be going next year and you all should too!


Love LCB x

P.p.s we all instagrammed like mad over the weekend so if you wanna see more hit up my galz. Kirsties Insta  Ionas Insta


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