“Thats so obvious?!” – Body Editing

This topic has come up far too often recently and I’m finding it so hard to get my head around. Why do people alter their bodies in pictures?!

Now I am all for blurring that big crater on the middle of your face or that nightmare sweat patch (about one of the only photoshop tools I can use) but I just don’t understand why people literally alter the way they look? I understand most people in the whole world have insecurities, hell I certainly do… but I think its horrible to feel the need to download an app that changes the shape of your body or face.

I guess it all stems back to the idea of Instagram etc being ‘fake’ but it makes me so angry when I see such an obvious ‘photoshop fails’. Coming into the summer and bikini season I can guarantee we will see more edited bodies and it means often you won’t know whats actually real and whats not. I praise the girls that can go to the gym daily and have an unreal body and quite frankly I think they should post whatever photos they want. Just don’t edit them! Play with the colours and the filters but don’t make your waist 10 times smaller. YA’LL BEAUTIFUL.

I guess my point is take every picture with a pinch of salt. Who cares about others, nobody will ever look the same so just BE YOU. I think everyone should embrace the way they look, find the best angles that work for you and post that unedited pic!

SUMMER LUVIN (load of unedited pics to make the point clear and cute lil dress and earrings I got in primark today!)



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