Life organisation ft Case App


Ever feel like your completely and utterly “burning the candle at both ends” as my parents LOVE to tell me I’m always doing. Well at the moment I definitely am. Life is BUSY. With being in Cannes, then a 2 week placement at a TV production company and now the most uni deadlines I’ve ever had I just feel like I have absolutely no time for anything. This on top of blogging, my social media job, of which I’m potentially taking on a few more, award ceremonies, photography jobs and friends birthdays… oh yeah and planning my masters film…. safe to say theres A LOT going on atm.

I get really stressed when I’m too busy but I can’t say no to things and get so bored when I have a full day off and nothing planned, tough life. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE just chilling out, but as long as its a planned chilled day haha.

I am a mad planner and note maker. So this weekend I have been writing a list of all the things I have to do and crossing them out as I go. Even such trivial things like ‘Go to post office’ is easy to complete but once thats scored off the list you feel like you really getting your life together (but LOL haven’t been yet and tomorrow is a bank holiday dammit). Along with making to-do lists I am rarely without my coloured pens, I take far too much pride in my beautiful revision notes and mind maps (Shame I don’t have to study anymore haha). I’m all about matching so when Case App reached out to me to do a collab and said I could personalise my own cases for my laptop and phone I thought HELL YES – right up my street.


I am also obsessed with phone cases, my little bro always makes jokes when he has seen the same case a few times because I love having new ones. Oh and personalisation is life. I am obsessed with my initials hence Life with LCB hahaha. You can either completely design your own cases or you can select one of the pre-made designs (which you can also add too – like I did for the laptop skin). The laptop skin is like a big sticker that fits perfectly onto the laptop cover – I actually didn’t realise this, I thought it was a hard case so I had a bit of a surprise when I opened the package. Its great though actually, I stuck it on top of the case I already have and it looks so cool – if I do say so myself!

Now I’m one of those cool kids with a personalised discount code so if you want your own funky phone case or laptop skin use LAURENCBARNETT20 at the checkout! (its valid until the 20th of June). Here is a direct link to the website


This post is in collaboration with CaseApp, but all views and comments my own.

Love LCB x

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