Majorca Lookbook

Hola! I just got back from the best 3 nights in Majorca so thought I would share some of my outfits. Shout out to John for taking most of the pics xoxoxo

Travelling/Strolling around Palma outfit

I picked up this new top from zara just before I left and I LOVE it! The cute embroidered sleeves are dreamy. I teamed it with my trusty missguided skirt that ive had for years, and lastly these orange strappy sandals I got before croatia!

  1. Zara Top
  2. The shoes are asos but sadly I can’t find them anymore 😦

First Night Look

As soon as I got these AMAZING earrings I had this outfit all planned in my head, but didn’t have a dress yet, so I quickly nipped into Mango in Palma to see if they had anything – and VOILA!

  1. H&M Earrings
  2. Mango Dress
  3. Topshop heels last year
  4. Vivienne Westwood Envelope clutch bag

Beach Club Look

By far my favourite look – although it was on my body for a whole 10 minutes hahah!

  1. Jaded Ldn Swimsuit
  2. Gucci Belt
  3. Miss Pap furry sliders
  4. Topshop sale dress

Last Night Look

I wore this dress to Logans birthday but I thought it was perfect for holidays! Sadly I didn’t think cleverly enough and I had to wear silver heels which didn’t really go with my gold belt but oh well what can you do!

  1. Yellow Boohoo dress
  2. Gucci Belt
  3. Silver Heels
  4. Vivienne Westwood shoulder bag

Love from LCB x

Is social media running the world?

100% – after reading the August issue of Glamour Magazine  I’ve been inspired to write this blog post. (Seriously their Article  about working at Instagram HQ – DREAMS)

For people who know me you know how much I love social media & especially Instagram. Some may say I’m obsessed and slag my hashtags 😂😂😂 but it inspires so many aspects of my life.


Years ago you would mostly ‘stalk’ people and businesses on Facebook but now it’s all about Instagram. Private? – get off Instagram. LET ME SEE YOUR PICTURES. If I’m thinking about going to a restaurant, hotel or cocktail bar etc I check out its location tags on Instagram, does the food & atmos look nice and instagrammable (most importantly haha)? Oh and especially salons and hair dressers (not that I get my hair cut more than once a year), but if nobody has tagged their sparkly new nails on Instagram I’m suspicious.

In cosmopolitans August issue an article about social media stated that nearly 100% of UK business use social media for growth. How crazy is that?! Not that I’m biased but I’m 98.9% sure that social media has contributed to the success of The West House (I run the social media pages and I actually live for it – I never want to stop its so fun hahaha). People literally want to come to take pictures of their breakfast to post. The amount of times I’ve seen tweets ‘If you don’t take a picture of your West House breakfast did you even go?’ And I’ve seen multiple people posting pictures of their homemade breakfasts saying ‘West House eat your heart out’.


It’s made me realise just how important social media is to the world we live in. It’s not the be all and end all but for me personally I love creating a picture/outfit/concept to capture and share. I also don’t agree with making all your social media channels private for future employers. Don’t you want them to see that your fun and friendly and creative sides? Obviously for my future career this will be more important than for other careers. Yeah delete any embarrassing pictures wearing skirts up to your ears when you were 18, but embrace the exciting and colourful world we live in & post about it!


Just a few delayed flight thoughts 👌🏼🔆 let me know what you think.

Love from LCB x

Urban Quarters – Stay Different Dundee

So a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of staying in Luxury serviced apartments ‘Urban Quarters’ for a couple of nights and take some pictures to be used on their social media etc! PERFECT – any excuse to take pictures and this excuse came with amazing accommodation smack bang in the centre of Dundee!

Their tagline “Stay Different Dundee” fits perfectly with the theme of the 4 different apartments in the block. Each with their own quirky twists and association to Dundee through interior decorations.

Everything has been thought through very precisely – the towels are even personalised!!!! Not often you see that! There was also a wee sleep pack with an eyemask earplugs etc – nice touch. Along with the complimentary Tunnocks tea cakes and caramel logs; you get a VIP discount card for local restaurants, bars and services.

The first night I stayed there I got the girls round and we had a PJ Pizza & cocktail night! Thankfully I work in The West House just round the corner so I managed to steal some shakers and utensils to maximise the cocktail experience. However, as suggested on the UQ website, The Cocktail Co by Bruach Bar have recently launched a bespoke mobile bar and cocktail service, so why not host a pop-up cocktail bar during the stay?! perfect.


We then watched LOVE ISLAND – NATURALLY! (Look at graces lil pinky hahaha)IMG_1872

The second night I wanted to take more chilled, couple vibe pictures to show a different side/uses of the apartments!

The best couple of nights away in my own city in a long time – Thank you so much Urban Quarters. If your looking for a place to stay anytime soon, check them out!


Love from LCB x

University of Done-Dee

WOW…What a crazy couple of days! I am so so sad that graduation is over and done with and my time at Dundee Uni is up 😦 I thought I would (Finally) create my next blog post as a wee picture blog of this last week.

Graduation Day

I loved the gown so much, felt very important in it hahaha. As i was graduating in Geography (WITH A FRICKING 2:1 MAY I ADD – seriously had to work so hard for this) I painted my nails as wee globes! I wore a simple white skater dress but it had a little bit of funk on one shoulder. And of course I paired this with thee most amazing shoes in the world!!!!!!!!! VALENTINOS – been dreaming of graduating in these shoes for as long as I can remember! Thank you again John – you are THE man!

IMG_2200IMG_2196Safe to say uni wouldn’t of been the same without these 9 amazing ladies! Together every step of the way, its going to be strange not seeing them daily. However, to top it all off we got our picture printed huge in the courier hahaha – we were buzzing!

Some classic family shots! In the evening we had a party back at ours for the family members and friends that couldn’t come throughout the day! What made the day even more special was my 3 cousins and Aunty Tracy were over from america so I got to celebrate with them aswell! I even got everyone to stay still for a big group pic: YAS!




PIXIE LOTT – I mean there isn’t much more to say or explain the night I had. BEST THING EVER. If I could of picked anyone to be the act at Dundee Uni Grad ball it would of been her. I was right at the front in the middle and it was the best half hour ever. hahaha – the rest of the night was good aswell, it was on from 6am – 6pm (crazy I know) and I lasted till 5am – solid effort I would say! I was never making it until 6am anyways.

Lastly, MY MAKE UP – so cool! I got it done by Emily at MMUA which I loved – went perfectly with the blues and silvers in my dress!

Ok thats enough rambling and pictures for now!


Love LCB x

Festival Fashion

Truth is… I hate festivals! The massive crowds, the horrific queue for the disgusting portaloos, the mud, and the rain (UK festivals anyways). Just TOO. MANY. PEOPLE. A single day festival I can maybe deal with, I went to Big Weekend when it was in Glasgow a couple of years ago and had theeeeee best day, so not all bad.

However, I LOVE festival fashion. You can go wild and wear whatever you wish and theres no judging. GLITTER GALORE. So I thought I would create a few looks and make a festival lookbook as my next post!

Look 1: Cowgirl Chic

This jacket!!! I love this twist on a classic bomber jacket, and I am a sucker for any slogan, I teamed it with a sparkly bra and some cowgirl-esque white mesh trousers.

  1. Jacket
  2. Trousers
  3. Bralet is asos last year

Look 2: Rainbow Dancer

As soon as Pretty Little Thing brought out their festival collection this was an instant favourite and i’ve been waiting for the opportunity to purchase! So colourful and fun!

  1. Playsuit
  2. Classic black high top converse

Look 3: Glitter Queen

Simply teamed a wee asos summer dress with this amazing glitter sequined jacket from PLT (of course, swear this isn’t an ad hahaha).

  1. Jacket

Just a quick post this time filled with lots of pictures.

Hope you enjoyed,

Love LCB x

Livin’ and Lovin’ Dundee

Scumdee? No thanks – I’m all about the Fundee! or Sundee as its often known (we are the sunniest city in Scotland) and according to an article posted by the tele in March; we are one of the driest cities in the country.

I’ve always thought about dedicating my first blog post to my hometown, so here we are! Just another wanna-be blogger starting up. This post will explain a few simple reasons why I love Dundee.

1. The Silvery Tay

Dundee sits on the mouth of the river Tay, the longest river in Scotland (If you ever studied geography i’m sure this has been drilled into your brain). Its amazing, what is better than living right on a river? we even have dolphins! The first pic below I snapped on my way to work one morning, and the following two pictures are from the very talented Fraser Craig.

2. Broughty Ferry

Ahhhh my favourite part of Dundee! Just over 10 minutes from city centre to this cute little seaside village its an easy city escape. Visocchis restaurant pizza & ice cream is always a winner if you are after an Italian. One hilariously British thing that swamps the ferry atmosphere is the beach, any glimpse of sun and the beach is filled with half naked dundonians and sandcastles galore.


3. The Law

The Law Hill is an extinct volcano in the middle of the city – and a great climb anyday! Although harder than it looks (or I could just be highly unfit).

Definitely a focal point of our city, the view from the top is pretty sweet. Which creates for some excellent sunset pictures (my FAV). 18470966_10207649018698559_883388300_n

4. Regenerated Buildings

I Love when old buildings get a major make over, my current favourite is the new DC Thomson building opposite McManus galleries. It has an unbelievable panoramic view of the city from the top floor boardroom aided by huge glass windows (Pictured below). Other recent regenerations have been the fantastic new Harris Academy on the Perth road, the students probably get super distracted from Pythagoras by the amazing views of the Tay from their windows.


5. Recent Developments

I know everyone is pretty sick of hearing about the waterfront redevelopment – I think ive been solidly learning about it in high school and my degree for like 10 years now – but it still fascinates me, especially watching all the changes. I’ve loved trying to capture some of the progress on my camera over the last few months. The scaffolding has been taken off of the V&A museum and its rather magnificent if I do say so myself. I also think the train stations metal infrastructure looks so cool at the moment, I bet it is nowhere near as cool when it is completed!

6. Independent Brands

It would be hard to walk through Dundee and not see a Hayley Scanlan design on the people of Dundee – an ultimate favourite, especially since she has just opened her first (SUPER-cute) shop on the Perth Road. She has won “Scottish Young Designer of the Year” not once but twice and she has dressed Pixie Lott (my ultimate favourite human being) – so quite frankly that is me sold! H.S Fan for life. Below is just some pics of me posing in her designs.

  1. H.S Black Hi-neck stardust dress
  2. H.S Limited Edition LOVER t-shirt

7. Central Location

Finally, a major bonus for Dundee is its central location in Scotland; 20 mins from St Andrews, an hour to Edinburgh, an hour and a half to Glasgow, and 3 and a half from Newcastle – all around WINNING.

Hope you enjoyed reading,

P.S all the pictures are my own unless stated otherwise

Love LCB x